Virtual Reality Beekeeping Training Solution was Introduced Within the Framework of University-Private Sector Collaboration

As a company that believes in university-private sector collaboration, Cerebrum Tech has introduced the “Virtual Reality Beekeeping Training Module” solution, which has been produced together with the Faculty of Veterinary Science of Ankara University, and Cerebrum Tech’s subsidiary GFDS, at a launch event held at Ankara University. The presentation of the project that sheds light on the importance of bees in the fight against climate change and aims to contribute to this awareness via ‘Virtual Reality’, was held at Prof. Dr. Sati Baran Conference Hall in Faculty of Veterinary Science of Ankara University. Many academicians and guests along with Prof. Dr. Necdet Unuvar, Rector of Ankara University; Prof. Dr. Ender Yarsan, Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Sciences; Ali Eroglu, Central Council President of Turkish Veterinary Physicians Association; Ahmet Baydın, President of Ankara Chamber of Veterinary Physicians; Selcuk Solmaz, President of Ankara Beekeeping Union and Erdem Erkul, Founder and President of the Board of Directors of Cerebrum Tech have attended the publicity meeting. Speaking at the opening, Ankara University Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Unuvar, noted that ‘’Every work done must be strengthened with technology. We absolutely have to catch up with technology. In addition to muscle force, we need to do these with our brains and heart. Virtual Reality Lab points to exactly these. I am truly happy and honored to be at this meeting.”


Ankara University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology Research Assistant and Virtual Reality Project in Apiculture Dr. Sedat Sevin said that he has been dealing with beekeeping for about 10 years, “I know very well what beekeeping means for the Turkish economy. We will try to increase the quality of education related to beekeeping, especially of the students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and try to train young beekeepers. It was very important for us to create the feeling that you really interact with the hives. We did this,” he said.


A first in the world

This study aims to contribute to sustainability in its field. Cerebrum Tech Founder and Chairman of the Board Dr. R.Erdem Erkul said, “We are very proud and happy to have achieved a first in the field with this work. We can characterize this work as a precursor to many more works that we will do as Cerebrum Tech. Our aim is to produce areas of action and solutions for the problems of the world as much as possible.” he said. “As Cerebrum Tech, we work for the sustainability of this planet, which is our hive, we believe in youth and we make breakthroughs with this belief. In this regard, with our university-private sector cooperation, we created a training module that will provide efficiency and convenience in beekeeping education by combining the knowledge and experience of our respected professors at the university with our competence in the field of VR.” Young students who will use this VR training module will learn beekeeping in the virtual world to the finest details; and when they go on the field, they will have a lot of detailed knowledge and experience.


The development of the VR beekeeping training module is aimed to produce solutions that will contribute greatly to the natural life, the business sector, and the education of future generations. University lecturers in our country struggle to provide quality education and research. It is extremely important that the respected lecturers of these universities work with companies that can provide resources to transform their knowledge into solutions that can contribute to both our country and humanity. In this regard, the cooperation between Cerebrum Tech, GFDS, and Ankara University Veterinary Faculty set an example for other universities and companies in the field in terms of public-private sector cooperation.

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